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H&O Transport, Inc. exercises both Contract ICC MC-155470 Sub No. 4 and Common Carrier ICC MC-155470 Sub No. 1 to provide Intrastate and Interstate carrier service throughout Central Kentucky and across America with primary routes deployed in the southeast and southwest.

As a quality carrier representative of over forty years of experience with over a hundred pieces of equipment, H&O provides both LTL (less than truckload) and TL (truckload) service to all of its service areas and locations. In our efforts to maintain the highest commitment to quality service we highlight next day service to cities such as Atlanta, GA; Charlotte, NC; Jacksonville, FL; Orlando, FL; and Tampa FL just to name a few. We also provide upon request a guaranteed delivery service which allows our customers the option of a "Service Guarantee or the Freight is Free" concept on special expedited shipments.

Our mission goals are simple...To maintain the highest commitment to quality service and become your transportation symbol of excellence. We guarantee you the following

A Strong commitment to quality service
A continued history of excellence
To provide personalized service with speed and accuracy
To maintain top-notch equipment up and down the road
To ensure dedicated but flexible, professional service to meet the needs of each and every one of our customers
To provide you, our customers, with all the elements needed for fast, cost effective service and delivery

Give us the opportunity and we will prove to be a tremendous asset to your company today and in the future.

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Why H&O Transport?

H&O Transport, Inc. is
committed to bring your
business quality service.
We beleive in meeting
every appointment on time
for quality assurance. At
H&O you can rest assure
that your delivery will arrive prompt at the destination of one of our service areas.
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can do for your company.
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